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ugh (id:ughkids) was a new Haikuer on Hatena Haiku.



ugh joined Haiku on 1/2/2014. They immediately made their presence known by mass favoriting all of the regular Haikuers, causing them to flock to ugh's about page with welcomes and questioning. ugh remained silent for a few minutes until posting a commentary on finals week.

First ugh

ugh's first post


ugh strived to be unobtrusive, posting all of their haikus only on their about page without ever replying to anyone. Through their many posts, they tiredly expressed their desire to be a mermaid, as mermaid seashell bras only cost $1.


ugh deactivated on 1/2/2014 for unknown reasons. blooberri was the first person to report on their demise.

Theories and possibilitiesEdit

  • ugh expressed their desire to be a mermaid; as mermaids are female, it is possible that ugh identified as female.
  • ugh's catchphrase used in their icon and profile was "can u not"; this could be a sign of their aversion towards other people.
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The result of ugh's fifteen minutes of fame and life

  • blooberri was the first person to report on ugh's demise; it is possible that this was because she was the real ugh kid.
  • ugh expressed tumblr sensibilities during their life; it is possible that they were a tumblr user, perhaps an existing one on Haiku such as Svengali, who quickly called ugh out on their tumblr-esque writing style.
  • Carz often makes alternate accounts; thus, Carz was ugh.
  • Accelgor claims to be ugh and posted an image of the log in screen to prove it
  • Really, wow I hate that guy
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