Simple admin logic. They think a curse word, is the end of the world.

History of Hatena Haiku

The English version of Hatena Haiku was launched on January 31, 2008.

In the beginning, Hatena Haiku was often visited by a member of the Hatena staff named Reikon (id:reikon). In 2009, Reikon stopped working full-time at Hatena so her vists to Haiku became more infrequent. Reikon's last post on Hatena Haiku was about drinking tea and eating cookies .

Number of users on Hatena Haiku

Hatena Haiku became considerably more popular after the release of Flipnote Hatena in the Americas and Europe and Oceania regions in August 2009. Users of the English version of Hatena Haiku often use the Open Chat keyword to chat, and the service has evolved in a very different way than the Japanese version of the service.

Hatena Haiku admins

Hatena Haiku is moderated by the official admin account id:hatenahaiku .

Other English speaking admins at Hatena are Aaron (id:aaron) who joined Hatena in February 2009 and リアナ(id:hidding) who joined in December 2010.

How to deal with problematic users on Hatena Haiku

On Hatena Haiku you can report posts which contain inappropriate content and block other users. If you wish to block another user on Hatena Haiku, please follow the steps below:

  1. From anywhere on Hatena Haiku, click on the username of the user you wish to block to access their userpage. (The URL should be this format:
  2. Click on "Blocklist settings" on the right side of your screen.
  3. Click on the "Block" button to block the user.

Rules on Hatena Haiku

Hatena Haiku users may have their accounts suspended if they post content which is in violation of the Hatena Terms of Use . Hatena will generally send a warning to users by email who are violating the rules, or send a reply to one of their posts on the Hatena Haiku service.

As a general rule, users who create more than one Hatena account to abuse the service, or who share their account account information (login/password) with others will also be suspended from the service.

If you treat other people on Hatena Haiku with respect and kindness, you can expect the same in return.

none of it matters though because the admins haven't been around for fuckin yonks

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