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Introduction Edit Edit

Stickboy is a young Haiku user, who enjoys listening to the Gorillaz, playing some Nintendo games, and talk about cartoons (pretty average for a young user). He is currently 13 and his best friends are Jp (id:Rosea-Fan), o3o (id:Adam57), Crabby (id:DJPrussian), Red (id:Awai-Monokuro), Noah (id:Noahkun), and Naomi (id:Mephanity8). He has had a total of four accounts in general: id:sonicissoawesome, id:ScaredPanda, id:abrakadabra478, and his current: id:stickboy_sucks

Pastself (2011-2012) Edit Edit

Stickboy first joined Haiku in 2010, about a year right after he joined Hatena in general. He joined Haiku as saying he was a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, but he took this a little too far. He would spam YouTube videos of people with Sonic the Hedgehog action figures, stop motion animations, and plush videos in whatever keywords were in the most popular page. Fellow Haikuers did not like this, as he did not know this was annoying to them. This spawned a bunch of hate towards this confused user. He got fed up with the hate and eventually deactivated.

Back in late 2011, Stickboy returned as a user named ScaredPanda. He tried his hardest to make the welcome he always wanted on Haiku so he tried to act as if he was a new user. This, however, did not last too long... as he admitted himself he was Stickboy about two months later. This account however he made a bigger success than his last account, by achieving over 100 fans in under 100 days, and making a lot more friends. Some people however, still disliked Stickboy because of his past self. In about mid-2012, he unfortunately had to deactivate because of his parents seeing some posts they called, "too mature for his age."

Current Edit Edit

He has learned from his mistakes in the past and admits he regrets doing that. Now he enjoys listening to music, watching cartoons, and playing a heck lot of video games. He also enjoys talking to his friends in a bunch of different ways, as he enjoys talking to his best friend/girlfriend, Kagamine Jp (id:Rosea-Fan).