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Squirtle Awesome is posiblly the most important haikuer on the site because he does so much for us, like nothing

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Squirtle Awesome and Nichoas are brothers who love each other

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Luigi's Masnion: Dark Mune 666 Edit

One day it was raining i i walked to the gamestop. I went to the used games sedction because i did not have alot of mony. So i got a new 3ds so i could play the used luigi masnion dark mune (since my l and r and a and b and y and x and home and power and home and start and selct buttons broke). i got to my huse to play it. i noticed it was strange how when i played it the cover said you have 666 hours to save the world f terble gost. t looked like a CHILDE speld it. anyway the 3ds didnt have a gamebuster addon because the one on my gamecube was universal but it blew up and you still havent donated my a new >:[. so i played and it had a timer of 666 hours. i thought that i had plenty of time so i played it but the story was different. luigi had fallen into hell! I was really scare because all theghosts looked like really creepy people. anyway i had played it and wondered what the towers were like when i connected with someone with a nromal gaem. So i sent somekone with the fan made pesterchum my 3ds friend code so we could play my game that i got from the used section and was really weird. he said "omg i want to be in your creepypasta!" and i notice that he was the fan girl on haiku for me not one of my friends and i said 'find". so i played but it was normal untill we got to the second level which was down! all the ghosts were talking to me instead of trying to kill me and saying things like "turn off the game now or forevere DIE" and it was scare but we kept on going becausse If we didnt we would waste time because the 666 hours go off even if the 3ds is turn off. and I do NOT want to see wat happen when i do that. vore all i know it could make a devil that shoots pentagrams and upside down crossies and sings music backwards! that would be even worse than the windwaker incident (which is thought to be put in the FAKE scp archives although i destroyed it before the FAKE thing could take a picture. seriously guys take it from a pro at hauntedness to know when something is fake).so i went further and it seemed like the ghost seemed to be even worse and even worse. then i had a knife instead of a poltergust to kill them! my friend was so freked out when we killed one it screeames and and earthquake happen in real life. she said she felt it too. i dont know what happen next but we fell to the tenth floor. here we still had knives but we were forced to kill people!!!! whenn we killed the person is said sometinhg like "WHY DID YOU NOT TAKE ADVICE FROM THE SPIRITS WHO LAST PLAYED THA GEam" which i guess were the gost from the earlier levels. and whenever we kill a person we head a hundred screems and then ded silence. I was so scare so i said to the fan girl "we gotta stop playing this game but it was silent. i thought that her computer blew up because she threw the 3ds at the computer but ill never know. if your reading this, please reply with your side of the story and if someone tries to reply but it is just a regular old fan girl then it wont count but ill mark the right one with a green star if i have any. anyway i thought to throw it out the widow but it floated at the sill of the widoe. and it tried to attack me! i tried my master sword but it just possesd that too and made it try to cut m head off. so with the power of Farore the goddess of widom and hyrule i did a flashy bang green wind attack. the master sword flew into my hand and i destroy the 3ds. but then came out a polergust and a devil luigi who sang devil charaols and have a pipe organ (like a body part) and said 666 alot too. iswooped and and grabed the poltergust. i flipped the switch on, charged the light BAM i ptrefied him with the light and suspense and tried to suck him in. but he was fast. so i got my cross shooting machine out behind the curtane and fireded. but he was too fast! so i did the unthinkable, i ran up to him and grabed him by the horn. i took out the master sword and cut the horn off soon all the ghost that had died before were coming to my rescew, but then they all went to either hell or heaven instead of helpng me. the setting had changed to a bloody, gory, and so realistic! room with fire and scare faces everywer.\/\/hat happened next i forgot. then i woke up in my room again about to be handed. then i used my wind powers of courage to make the hang thing not make be suffacate, i grabed the noose and slipped out and threw the luigi i the air and hanged him so all was good. I would apreshiate it if the fan girl would post her story. again,before you post it, make sure yur telllin' the truth. and please donate a ghostbuster universal addon

Pokémon Borange Part 1 Edit

Listen up we have the most scare creepypasta ever. It was so scare i didnt want to tell you it butnow i am

DONT SAY I DIDN'T WARN U!!!!111!11!21

ok. So, it is, the, official, first pokemon creepypasta (because the other one wasnt).

I saw that there was a cool pokemon borange at oldbay. I have never seen pokemon borange but here is the cover (scary picture time)

dont worry total legit

so i bought it because it was for -$30 dollars. anywayaways the shipping took alot of time because it had to come with the monee. so i put it into my gaem boi special powers (or sp). this one came with the ghostbuster addon so i was luky. I played it and i chose magikarp as my starter okemon. this gaem was strang becus you chose ur starter BEVORE you start the gaem. i was liek wowzers. so i was an orphan in this game wich is different than the others because in the other pokemon games you dont have a father. Anyways dr.droksdah told me to fight his son gery. he had a level 100 squirtle. so instead i tried to catch it butt it didnt werk. My magikarp knew the move kill wich was disterbing. so i used splash first andi defeated the squirtle in one hit because his squritle had 0 hp and the splash did 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745028410270193852110555964462294895493038196442881097566593344612847564823378678316527120190914564856692346034861045432664821339360726024914127372458700660631558817488152092096282925409171536436789259036001133053054882046652138414695194151160943305727036575959195309218611738193261179310511854807446237996274956735188575272489122793818301194912983367336244065664308602139494639522473719070217986094370277053921717629317675238467damage. i didnt know splash could do damage but in this case it worked!!1!. I was so happy but still (game) freaked out. (Hahaha game freak pun oh wow hahahahahajonmcu0pownv) Monolog aside, i went on to be the very best, that no one ever was, catching them was my real test, but training them was really my cause. So the next trainer i met was a generic bug catcher so i useed kill on the pokemon he had it died and i got scared. ten the trainer took money from me because i killed him and he cried alot and i felt bad. So i traveled across the land (without ever using kill and magikarp) searching far and wide, trying to become friends with the pokemon was really hard. In pokemon borange you become better friends with orfan pokemonzzz than pokemonzz with parental controls. They had a new pokeball that you could insta catch a pokemon if they were ded. si i tried kill on a wild pokemon and tried to catch them. but instead the pokemon became a spirit that haunted me for life. i resset the game to when i didnt catch the pokemon, but the spirirt was (SHOCKER) STILL THERE!!! link because um idk)

So i was thinking really deep and i thought about it and i realised that, THIS WAS A HAUNTED GAME!!! I knew from my experience from other creepypastas that this was no ordinary pokemon borange, it was, haunted. So i never used kill again and only use the special pokeballs on ghost type pokemon cause they are already DED! The game or the spirits of the pokemon would try to kill me by now but the ghostbuster addon was working. Then, my internal battery died AND THE GHOST BUSTER ADDON STOPPED WORKING!!! NOOOO. i would be ded in your eyes but ill tell you what happened next in the next part of the creepypasta. that i may be posting today.

find the secret external links!!!1

(jk there is no external link!!1!!)