Charles "Saint" Jingle Himer is a Mexican haikuer who became active on Haiku early 2013 after the discontinuing of Flipnote. Best known for his love of the First-Person-Shooter "Call of Duty", and the 2012 animated TV show "Littlest Pet Shop".

Charly joins Hatena.Edit

Charly finally made his Hatena account in February 28 of 2013, after using Flipnote Hatena since 2011. Only using his account to post comments. After the Flipnot discontinued in May 31, 2013, Charly tried to connect to the service to see what kind of message would appear, said message had a link to Hatena Haiku

Early Haiku. When first joing Haiku Charly didn't pay much attention to the site, that quickly changed months later after he met other users. By the end of 2013 Charly had befriend other haikuers such as Cameron, etc. In Januery 20, 2014 ,Charly posted his first selfie.

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