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Haiku is destroyedEdit

Despite her best efferts, Grenade, the hero of Haiku, could not save Haiku from exploding. The death of Haiku is tragic and we will never ever forget the Haikuers, even though they are now dead.

^ Wow, are you a time traveler or do you want to freak us out? This is not a real news story, if there is news this should just be edited with the date of the event and all the important details. Why don't I start?


A new person has joined Wikia who appears to have an association with the mini-blogging Hatena website known as Haiku. Only information known for now is they call themself the Silent Corrector and their icon is a fancy Dave Strider. What purpose is this undisclosed gender exactly serving and how will the community take it. Surely they will not give a block, not like the corrector is talking bad about citizens of Haiku Town. Be prepared for all this editor may do and coexist.


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