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He's this guy from haiku who doesn't feel safe posting a wikia about himself since he is prone to misinterpretation.

However, he is willing to show you some trivial things that he will post informally because he can.

Things and StuffEdit

He was once a regular flipnoter who made flipnotes and posted them into channels in the web service flipnote hatena which starts with the letter f. Cool. After that, it died and he decided to return to hatena haiku which he irregularly used before. Oh, and his id was Kobrablaze before he got banned for reasons in around the end on May of 2013, coincidentally, when flipnote was just about to end. Yeah. He did things there and prospered sluggishly into becoming a 10,000% pro athlete haikuer and not a n00b and continues in doing so. Umm yeah, that's about it. Oh yeah, his current id is DefinitelyNotBLesS. Pretty clever name, huh? That guy is a grade A comedian.

The Misleading Adventures id Bless and OKCurseEdit

This is a cool webcomic he is most likely going to create or will probably create it and never publish on haiku like most of the things he writes that have to do with haiku. He is also a faggot for not asking my permission to use my name in one of his creations, fuck you, bless. 

Personal LifeEdit


Sexual OrientationEdit

KnotBLesS~ once confirmed to be attracted to plants only and he once sticked his dick in one and remembered it feeling like something magical