Kaite, The One TimerEdit

Not many people come to Haiku, and this character came out of the blue. Kaite joined Haiku January 6th, 2014 and was deactivated the same day. Kaite discovered the harsh Haiku lifestile in a matter of a few hours. She started a claimed "flame war" with DatLolGuy on the "Yuki's Cat Village" keyword. Kaite then proceided to make a keyword named "Idiot's". There she claimed she was ten years old, had a sister and a dog, and that she hated DatLolGuy. GingeraleDragon stepped in when Kaite made a post on a Minecraft-related keyword that "Minecraft is epic, better than DatLolGuy". DatLolGuy later came to GingeraleDragon after Gingerale made a post on "Mudkip's Chat Room" calling both Mudkip, the owner of the chat, and PseudonyM, Gingerale's close friend, Silly Heads after the two where talking about Pokemon X and Y. LolGuy brought Gingerale to his about page and told him he wanted Gingerale to participate in a Flame War against Kaite. Gingerale accepted, but claims he had no plans to show up. Gingerale was called again after being called an idiot by Kaite. Gingerale says he was tired of her complaining about LolGuy and claims he wasnt taking sides, so he proceded to report her. Kaite was upset, and as she tried to make everyone feel bad for her, more people joined in on the topic of Kaite. She begged for a second chance. Kaite then said she was seventeen years old and the two pictures where off the internet. Gingerale told her to leave Haiku, and her account was deactivated. Not much was known about Kaite, only that shes a liar and only lasted a day. DatLolGuy claimed he wanted it to be the biggest Flame War of 2014, but it only lasted a few hours. Gingerale later made a picture of Mega Ampharos standing infront on an american flag with the statement "Justice has been served today"


The picture Gingerale posted on his blog.