Look, just look. (Screenshot by DatLolGuy)

josephminecraftt (id:josephminecraftt) [originally josephminecraft] is a brainless misogynist on Hatena Haiku. He mainly argues with o3o (id:Adam57) and DatLOLGuy [id:ThatLolGuy]

Him=Forever aloneEdit

Cloud9 (id:pikachuwii) pulled a hilarious prank on him. Joseph thought Cloud was a girl. The conversation can be viewed here.

Then, after that, joseph was "cheating on him" and Cloud broke up with him. He was trying to get Cloud back but failed. How sad. But then, he went to 3 girls' about pages (id:rabbitwanter, id:bunny34, and id:star_0112) and asked them out. He also continues to try and date Jp (Rosea_Fan) and Yoshi Kins (YoshiKins). He also trys to mess with Stickboy and o3o by calling them forever alone.

grammer-capitilezatien Edit

omq he has good grammer and swog with capitileaztien u should fav him

Nicknames Edit

Joseph gives some haikuers nicknames. Here are some examples:

Nub (o3o)

idot (o3o, MissMousey, Fang, and a few others)

azhole (o3o)

hot/babe (RamenNoodleTime, Yoshi Kins, Jp, Gluvr)

car (Carz)

Grenad (Grenade)

Dickboy (Stickboy)

Those are all of the nicknames that he gives the Haikuers as of right now.

Catchphrases Edit

  • Nub
  • ur hot
  • idot
  • budder nub azhole!
  • fav me
  • yoshi kins luvs me
  • o3o is dum!
  • i need gf