Joe's everyday self. She portrays herself as this person.

Joe is a frequent user on Hatena Haiku and has been on since late August of 2013. She joined Hatena in 2009 in the ID t00nlink. Sadly, she had to shut down the account because her mom claims that she had found porn on Hatena Haiku.

Flipnote YearsEdit

Joe was an infrequent user on Flipnote Hatena, due to the fact that she constanly has work to do, and barely any time for flipnotes. Her username was cutelink when she first joined, then became ToonZusie at late 2010. She grew tired out of the name at 2011 and changed the username to オオカミ. at early 2012 she began to become more frequent and improved on animating. But when Flipnote Hatena was close to shutting down, she didnt really give a fuck. 

Her O.C.s were Kai, Boxxi, Zero, GBR, Naomi, Kami, Dogo, Zoe, Usagi and Zen.

Haiku YearsEdit

Revamped Joe

Joe's trademark icon, which was her last icon in id:t00nlink and her first icon in id:t12nlink

When Joe clicked the Hatena Haiku thumbnail, she felt confused. She thought the website was full of flipnoters that she grew hate on. But she decided to stay when she saw Pantz's icon, which was Jyou blushing. Joe then changed her username to the name we all know and love today and changed her icon (which at the time was a gif of a lemur coming out of the water) to Jyou. Pantz then noticed her and sent her an ID call saying that they were twins. A month later Joe and Pantz became close friends, but Joe grew a crush on Pantz.

Joe is friends with every haikuer, and has never started a flame war.

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