A mural J made from random pictures.

J is currently a golden medel veteran of hatena haiku who has been around on the site for quite a while but nobody has the exact date due to when he was younger being banned a few times. His current ID is Anti-J as of february 2013 when he apologized for all the previous crap that went down. His interest vary quite largely as people think he is a bit quirky. He is interested in science, psuedo-science, the future, art, video games, Minecraft, anime, manga, technology, music, old things and even more. He has been becoming increasingly interested in anthropomorphic or "furry" art and attempted it. At the time he is only capable of doing that artform on minecraft skins so he is quite restricted there. He is on haiku quite a bit at times and often stays up late even on school nights even though he really needs sleep given he is up in the early morning hours quite a bit and on weekends into the day then crashing. He enjoys telling stories and writing them but does not feel like posting them on haiku because of his lazyness. He is 14 years old and lives in northern Wisconsin, USA. He is currently a student and often says he needs a job so he can actually 'do stuff.' As of 2014 he is still one of the regulars on haiku even though he pretty much inhabits his about page. During Summer he likes to bike swim and internet. Nothing really different from that half of the year. During Winter he does nothing but internet sense he cannot do anything in the negative degree weather. He sometimes brings up the oddity that he looks totally different from his family members. He hates when people are loud and for some reason when people read outloud. He says its cause he does not like people reading outloud because he word for word would say "I KNOW HOW TO READ" most often to Linkman (his cousin and future roomie who he plans to travel the Earth with.) He is also known to have caught them all on PKMN Red + Gold versions. Thats all you need to know if you want more info here is his profile on Hatena Profile Finally to close this off he is one of the staff members of the Hatena Haiku Wiki's. Also as a bonus thing about J he was born on 12/02/99 for whatever reason you would need that information.
Cam icon 2013 by camcartoonfanatic-d6ymi58

J's former Hatena Haiku icon

HNI 0036

J's current icon.