Hamster is most commonly known as either Hammy or Luke (his irl name). He has been banned twice. His past id's are (in order) horton2001, haikuhamster, hammstersenpai, hammysenpai, hamsterchan, hammychan, and hamster_chan. His current id is hammy_chan. He doesn't use Haiku very often anymore, but he started using Haiku on February 28th of 2012. He started using Flipnote on February 19th of 2012, but he stopped using it shortly after.

About Hammy (everybody else is doing this so why not)Edit

  • He is currently 15
  • He is transgender and pansexual
  • He's an atheist
  • He's an artist
  • Furret is his favorite Pokemon
  • He dated Element and Linkman for brief periods each, and obviously, both being online relationships, neither lasted.