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he rapes liberals (red you're next) in the ass cause he loves jesus


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grenade (allhu akbar)

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fucking canadian

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He often talks to sky because hes a faggot, but in his spare time he masturbates to Mexicans crossing the America border going to taco bell, he stuffs burritos in his eyes and cums them out

bisexual afairs with niggersEdit

He likes memes (red you're next)


He had gay sex with Carz, and occasionally 0DryBones0 too.

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  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

please fart in my faceEdit

Eric (id:Eric________o) was a haikuer attempting to ground Haiku in October 2013. He deactivated the same day.

Evil LarryEdit

Evil Larry (id:EVILLARRY) was an evil haikuer and goanimater who took over Haiku on November 24, 2013. Like Eric, he deactivated the same day.

blacklivesdontmatter (id niggers) its active in my ass in a parallel universe inside donald trumps mouth

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For Grenade

(red you're next)

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