Berserker's icon


"Thylacines are great"

-Berserker's catchphrase

Berserker is a user on Haiku. His id is "bagels_are_yummy".

Life on HaikuEdit

User p

Thylacines are great

Berserker lives a humble life on haiku. He had a short-lived blog of the same name. Though it has been inactive since September, he returned to it to post some memebes, celebrating the new year of 2014. Berserker is well known for his love for Metroid and Adventure Time. His fanfiction "Uncle Grandpa Meets the Haikuers" never went anywhere.

Berserker's friends include Mike, Cameron, Pantz, and his senpai Joe.

Cryptozoologist BerEdit

Berserker is a cryptozoologist

Wow that's really cool

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